Stage in Style LLC is not just for the home owner! As a professional in the real estate industry, Staging will be of great benefit to you and your business. Your focus should be on selling the house so your clients can get moving – literally!

The pressure of getting a property ready for market is time-consuming and hard work. Let Stage in Style LLC help you do your job more effectively and efficiently. We work together as a team, whether it is for one of your sellers or a model home, putting together a project timeline and budget where necessary.

With your permission, Vicki speaks with your sellers to help them understand the need for Staging. Then she will meet with them, providing the service (see Services Offered) the sellers have opted for and we Stage in Style! Let the burden be on Vicki to help your clients understand that when they are selling it is no longer their home but a product that needs to be marketed and merchandised properly.

R.O.S.I. (Return on Staging Investment)

Nat'l Realtors Assn. Study, 2010

Whether you are a realtor, property manager, banker, or homebuilder, Staging can help you move properties faster.

Staging your client's home with Stage in Style LLC, an Accredited Staging Professional, is one more marketing tool for you to get that house sold!