"Great photos and Staging, and of course the right pricing, are what sells a property. And you can't get the photos without the Staging. Work with Vicki!"

Greg S., Broker
Integrity Real Estate

"After renting for over 10 years I finally bought a place of my own, with guidance from Vicki. I just didn't know what to do with all the white walls and a green kitchen counter. Vicki came in and did her Color Consultation. She helped me find 3 colors that worked together, actually drew out what color went where in each room, set me up with a painter. The end result was great and now the green kitchen counters even look good. Even if she is my sister in law, she was professional and real helpful!"

Bill L.,
Color Consultation

"Vicki listens! The ideas she came up with were amazing. And, even better, she made my husband a fan by providing low-cost ideas including reusing our existing furniture in different parts of the house. We had fun on our shopping trip!"

Diane M.,
Interior Redesign

"Vicki staged a rental townhouse for me, and then showed it to a curious neighbor when she was done that day. That neighbor was a property manager who knew someone who needed to rent, made a call, and the prospective tenant came right over. A bit unusual but Vicki "showed" the place, referred her to my realtor handling the listing for the particulars and it was rented. From a landlord point of view there was little loss of rental income, no listing, no showings, no sweat. Will I use Stage in Style again? Absolutely!"

Robert L., Landlord
Stage to Rent

"I needed help giving a new look to my family room bookcases 18' wide x 15' tall. Vicki came in, we talked about what I did and didn't like and what could go and what had to stay. One shopping trip together, buying only 3 things, and I have a beautiful "wall" to look at. She's helping redesign a guest room and I can't wait for the finished result!"

Linda M.
Interior Redesign

"We gutted our entire condo, based on Vicki's design. The main living areas and kitchen actually won a design contest!"

Larry & Linda J.
Kitchen & Bath Design

"Vicki was visiting family in the area (Texas) that knew I was getting ready to redecorate. In fact, I had even talked with a couple of licensed interior designers who wanted a lot of money for whatever result. She took the time to come over for the Basic Consultation. Right after we started, I knew I wanted her help with the actual interior work, so she cleared her afternoon, and we had the place Staged with a plan of honey-do items for my husband. Vicki went with my husband and me on a couple of shopping trips and the living room was done!"

Karen K.
Design Concierge

"I live in Missouri most of the year. My Sarasota vacation condo, 3 bedrooms and two baths, had been for sale or rent for about three years with absolutely no results. I even changed realtors. I had already gotten another place in Sarasota and needed to get rid of the old one. In desperation and referral from my nephew, I called Stage in Style for advice. Vicki immediately made me feel better and I booked a Consultation. She was so nice and had such wonderful ideas that we wrote down together so I would have a Plan to follow. She made suggestions for buying second hand furniture and then including it in the sale of the condo, helped me pick the paint colors, and even set out what pictures could be hung on which walls. Three months later it was sold. I don't think that was a coincidence. Next time I will call Vicki first!"

Sharon M.
Stage to Sell