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  • The last time this bath had been touched, except for paint, was back when we built our house in 1996.  Definitely time for a remodel.

    We had put in a new tile floor a year previously, with the thought of just refinishing the existing cabinets and hanging new lights when we got around to it.

    It all started with a new shower curtain rod and it was a domino effect!

    We gutted down to the studs and started anew.  I did wisely keep the same footprint, not moving any of the drains or fixture locations.  And, the floor remained but had to have a bit more done.  That was the simplest part.

    New tile walls, cabinets, tub and toilet, faucet, and lights.  And wait till you see what we did for a counter and sink!  The mirror came out pretty cool also.

    Once I found the perfect backslash and bath tile – matte gold metal discs – I had a theme: CIRCLES.

    Almost everything from the light fixtures to the faucet shape, the glass shelf supports, towel bar, and even the fabric for the shower curtain has gold circles.

    We found this spectacular glass designer, Jeff Downing (Downing Designs), and after a couple of bottles of cabernet at his show room, we were all in.

    The sink is a custom made piece that drains at the back, lights up with LED’s, surrounded by 250 pounds of 5” thick concrete.  Awesome!  It rests on 2 cabinets with steel legs that I actually spray painted matte gold.

    I reused the 21 year old wall mirror, turned it vertically, and tiled all the way from the counter to the ceiling.

    The new tub got a bit customized also.  Instead of just the plain front, my amazing tile guy, Telmo, tiled the front of it to flow with the tub surround.

    The shower curtain is actual a set of drapes in front of a clear shower curtain.  The finishing touch was wall paint color inspired by a favorite art piece.

    Pretty cool, don’t you think?!